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Fin Alternative du Bateau de Thésée [Version 00290]

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Fin Alternative du Bateau de Thésée [Version 00290] Empty Fin Alternative du Bateau de Thésée [Version 00290]

Message par Farlen le Ven 11 Avr - 16:53

Fin alternative du Bateau de Thésée [Version 00290]
Traduite du Tchèque. Transmise par M. Crinitus, le 5 avril 2014,
au Blog S.Files22 et à notre forum.

Fin Alternative du Bateau de Thésée [Version 00290] 290_pg1.Fin Alternative du Bateau de Thésée [Version 00290] 290_pg2.Fin Alternative du Bateau de Thésée [Version 00290] 290_pg3
Fin Alternative du Bateau de Thésée [Version 00290] 290_pg4.Fin Alternative du Bateau de Thésée [Version 00290] 290_pg5
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Source : le Blog S.Files22, destinataire de M. Crinitus

Czech/English Translations for EPH-9993 (00290)

other than to manipulate it. The white-bearded man does not flinch. He does not move, sway, or look away from Sola. S. sees the tremors shaking in the hand that holds the gun. A shot right now would erase Sola, immediately and irrevocably. But it could also light everything.
Vévoda studies her. Assesses her threat and the truth of it. Perhaps he sees what S. saw in her face – that cool embrace of self-destruction for a noble end.
S. sees a man who is willing to do anything to protect his choices, his life, and the life of his son. He has the face of a man who has seen trouble, has taken risks. To leave the room now would be to leave the barrels open and flooding onto the floor.
The gun fires. Sola collapses. The lighter she held falls to the floor.
One small flame. Sola's flame, strikes the floor and sends a wall of fire rushing to the barrels. As they leak their contents on the floor the fire only burns hotter, brighter. The fire would spread, eventually to every barrel, and everyone would see the smoke.
Vévoda yells. He slams into S. in an attempt to escape the room. S. sees deep into Vévoda's eyes. He sees the need only to save himself, to save his legacy. He would be back with water, but S. knew the flames would be too much by then.
Sola. S. sees her in the flame. The bright roaring flame that  Vévoda had fueled and she had lit.
He looks around for anything, something to get him through the flames. The fires are too hot, too bright. He shields his face but Sola is lost as the flames leap at him.
S. notices the monkey. It jumps and screams as it tugs on a shelf in the room. Of course! S. pulls hard on the shelf and it begins to topple. The entire structure crashes down and temporarily clears a path to Sola.
She is burned, badly burned, but she still breathes smokey air despite her wounds. S. picks her up and rushes from the room as the fires spread, igniting barrel after barrel.
S. runs, he is losing time and losing Sola. But it is dark, and he finds himself lost in the maze. He does not know how to get back. He has lost his way. He is losing his anchor.
He stumbles and almost loses Sola. Stairs. But where will the steps lead? Does Vévoda wait at the top with a gun readied?
“It's too bad,” Sola gasps. She tries to say more but her words are unrecognizable.
He makes his choice. S. squeezes her gently and takes one step at a time. He carries her up through the higher level of the cellar and across the lawn to the servants pavilion and down the dry well and through the engirding passage and into the grotto and back to the water.
Their ship had sailed.
S. suspected it had left as soon as it saw smoke. He could not hate them, but he could not ignore the anger either. He had spent too long on that ship for them to leave them stranded. But S. knew that the ship must always sail no matter what. It couldn't let any floating embers catch the sails.
He lay Sola down beside him. He heard the yells now coming from where the fires had started. Entitled people crying out for help that they did not deserve.
The water lapped onto the shore as if reaching out for him. What begins at the water shall end there, and what ends there shall once more begin.
He held Sola's hand well after she had stopped breathing. He had lost his anchor, his ship, his friends. Everyone would know about Vévoda. The smoke would make sure of that.
But was it worth it? Vévoda would find him. He could not avoid that now. The monkey, which had desperately followed them from the fires pulled at his hand, but S. shrugged it off. He was old. He was tired.
He waited with confidence that somewhere out there on the ship the sailors had drawn their oars and were leading the ship to a star-filled sky, to a warm wind blowing from the southeast, to open water, and they would keep sailing.

Source : le Forum français « S. ou le Bateau de Thésée », destinataire de M. Crinitus.
Ce texte était accompagné de ce message de M. Crinitus :
mcrinitus a écrit:Hello,

We've had the fortune of recently recovering some documents that you may find useful. We've taken the liberty of having them translated from their original Czech.

Please beware that these documents should be treated with care.

As a friend once said, "The best way to find out if you can trust somebody is to trust them." We are trusting you with this. Do with them what you think is best.

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